Toyota Motor is a Japanese automotive manufacturer headquartered in Japan consisted of 333,498 employees worldwide (2013). In January 2014, Toyota an automobile firm recognized as the fourteenth largest company in the world by revenue. Toyota was the largest automobile producer in 2012.  According to reports Toyota is the world’s first automobile manufacturer to produce more than 10 million vehicles per year. Toyota a leading automobile company founded by Kiichiro in 1937.

In Thailand with the help of some dealer Toyota is successfully selling their vehicles, Mahdimotors is one of them. Mahdimotors Thailand Exporters of Old and New Diesel 4×4 Cars, accessories, rims, wheels, and tires. With the best price and range of vehicle Mahdimotors also ensure the best services, with customer oriented policies, well trained and polite staff, who feel  honor to serve their worth full customers.


Mystery Trip

Mystery Trips are short stay travel experiences to an unknown destination sometimes you have to cross through mountains and forests, for this you need a car having secure mechanism with better efficiency, strong body design and enough place to carry a luggage. The only car that give you all the mentioned facilities and give you life time experience Toyota Hilux Thailand 2013.


Fog Lamps

Toyota Hilux Thailand 2013 ensure your safe drive even in foggy weather, Fog Lamp with the high head light allow you to find your way, and see every object in front of your car.


Roll Bar

The purpose of Roll Bar is basically to give strength to the vehicle body if it rolls down, it avoid the head injury of driver. Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ Thailand make it sure that you will keep safe inside the car in un seen circumstances.

roll bar


The back of Toyota Champ Thailand offer enough space, you can place heavy objects and keep with you throughout your adventures.


Roof Carrier

The design of Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand proof itself the best option to take it for outing, it allow enough space, carrier on roof keep your luggage safe and carrier design give elegant look to your vehicle.

roof carrier


Allow the fresh air to enter in your car, even if there is raining outside, Deflectors in Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand allow you to keep your windows open up to some extent and enjoy the fresh air.


SRS Airbag

SRS Airbag allow you to survive in critical stages. Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ in Thailand comes up with Dual SRS Airbag. To discover Toyota Thailand Price visit Mahdimotors and get best prices of Used and New ones.

dual SRS airbag


Hilux Thailand provides extensive multimedia compatibility from DVD playability, USB, Auxiliary, Bluetooth, to making and receiving phone calls. Introducing a true experience of style and Luxury so that you will enjoy your trip with the best multimedia facilities.



Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand offer best car with a unique combination of safety, performance, interior, exterior and look. The best choice to take it for your outdoor trips allow you enough space to carry your items, with new multimedia facilities so that you will enjoy each beat of music, with better safety system so that you can reach to your destination safely.