Toyota is successfully launch Toyota Vigo Thailand with its most comfortable and luxurious design, allow you to travel as much as you want without feeling hectic and fatigue. From the seating arrangement to accessories including cup holders, switches all the innovations are to make your drive more comfortable.

Toyota Hilux Vigo 2014

Seating comfort Up front

Toyota Hilux 2014 Thailand front seats are separated that allow the driver and occupant to adjust their positions independently to attain maximum comfort and let the driver to sit in his ideal driving style. The stylishly designed front slim-profile seats provide more leg-room space.

Hip supporting cushion panels are available in Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand in order to reduce fatigue on longer journeys.

Seating comfort


In new Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand rear seats can be lifted to expose hidden storage beneath them. Hilux Thailand is an incredibly versatile vehicle, offering outstanding degrees of comfort along with flexible use of space.

Ergonomic Design

Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand is full of cleverly researched, sensibly designed that help to make your travelling easier. You will notice that the controls are placed within your reach on your steering, so you don’t have to take your hands from the steering to control your multimedia.

The exterior of Toyota Hilux Thailand has been carefully designed to make it more realistic and easy to use. The exterior mirrors on more models are power adjustable.


Seating Capacity

We know that there will be some tasks or outing where you need a full team, so the Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand offers great flexibility in seating. There is a lot of cabin space, with seating for up to 6 adults and with ergonomically designed seating, you offered more legroom and space between occupants.

Vigo Champ Smart Cab

Cup holder

Toyota champ Thailand understand this that during a long drives or after a hectic day you need water or some energy can even while travelling, but during travelling it will always an adventure where should you can place the open bottles, but Hilux Vigo Thailand offers cup and bottle holder to ensure your safe and comfortable drive and allow you to enjoy your drinks in car even during travelling.

With up to 4-cup holders and 4 bottle holders the Toyota Hilux Vigo 2014 Thailand has room for everyone’s drink.


Pick up Thailand comes up withToyota’s TOP, Platform integrates an array of superior performance features to offer control, safe driving and stability. Toyota outstanding performance (TOP) offer strength and good impact absorption to your Thailand Toyota Hilux and thus provides a more comfortable ride with less noise, vibration and harshness. Toyota outstanding performance allow you to travel through with comfort, no matter how the road condition is, as its design have the capability to reduce the vibrations, noise and offer safe driving.

With its ergonomic design and a lot of vacant spaces, Toyota Hilux Thailand 2014 allow you more leg  space so that you can feel more comfortable and it allow you to carry your luggage safely with you.


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