Turbo Diesel Engine

The powerful Vigo 2014 Thailand Turbo Diesel engine deliver a blend of outstanding performance and astonishing fuel economy. It features common rail system and an Electronic Direct Injection for outstanding performance and fuel efficiency. The common rail system gives more combustion efficiency and the vane turbo charger maximizes low-end torque and delivers a sharper response.

Toyota 2014 Turbo Diesel Engine

Thailand Toyota Hilux Turbo Diesel engine offers outstanding acceleration from take-off as well as providing  smooth response when you need to accelerate to overtake another car.

Excellent performance doesn’t mean greater damage to the environment. Pick up Thailand Turbo Diesel engine meets EURO IV emissions regulations. The catalytic converter has been amplified in size. This increases the area of the material help to absorb air pollutants.

An Engine Gas Recirculation system in Hilux Vigo Thailand re-circulates exhaust into the intake stream. Exhaust gases have combusted, they never burn again when they’re re-circulated but they do move some of the usual intake. This reduces the quantity of oxygen in the chamber which lowers burning temperature by several hundred degrees. It results in less nitrous oxide (NOX) is form. The engine processor unit has been reconfigured to support more complete combustion, to lessen excess gasses being out into the environment.

Hilux Vigo Turbo Diesel

Limited Slip

One of the features that make Toyota Hilux Thailand 2014 the vehicle such a consistent and unbreakable workhorse is LSD abbreviation of Limited Slip Differential. The working of LSD is very simple, it transmits torque to the wheel with grip, and it detects wheel slippage through conflicting rotational speeds.

Vehicle Stability Control

VSC abbreviation of Vehicle Stability Control is a system that keeps an eye on your steering angle against the track in which the Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand is actually travelling, and uses the outcome to judge when the front or back wheels may begin to slip. It detects automatically that you’re not on your planned path; helping guarantee safer cornering by dynamically detecting and calculating any under steer or over steer. The Toyota Vigo Thailand stability Control system then cuts power and applies braking pressure to the related wheels to help you regain control.

The system used in Toyota Vigo Thailand uses fast acting computer based intelligence to judge over steer and under steer during cornering, and by design activates to keep the vehicle on track.

Toyota Turbo Diesel Engine


Toyota a leading automobile manufacturer currently comes up with Vigo 2014 Thailand, with its beautiful exterior, interior, luxurious design, enough vacant space to carry loads, and most secure mechanisms like dual SRS air bad, anti locking brake system, GOA, TOP platform these designs and materials give this Toyota Hilux 2014 Thailand more strength that is the one reason this is the first choice for outing, especially if you want to go to the peaks, and when the road condition are not so good, the one another reason of high demand of this car is the best and efficient engine power with much less fuel expense and environmental friendly. So enjoy your secure and safe trip with your Pick up Thailand.