All Your Information- In One Place

The new Toyota model comes with complete technologies you need to help get the job done. The MID abbreviation of Multi-Information Display provides you with a regular supply of important driving and performance data, so you can easily monitor the performance of the Toyota Vigo Thailand at any time.

The Multi-Information Display (MID) gives you a fast overview of almost everything from your current trip information, average vehicle speed and current fuel consumption levels. Toyota Hilux 2014 Thailand Multi-Information Display also displays time, compass and external temperature.

All information in one place allows you to drive with ease with constantly updated with car performance.

2014 toyota hilux vigo

Remote Central Locking

New Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand comes standard with remote central locking system, in order to adding more security, an engine immobilizer system is also fitted in your Hilux Thailand. The engine immobilizer of your Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand is automatically activated when the key is removed from the ignition. Indicator light will start flashing which shows that the system has been activated.

The immobilizer system recognizes the registered key every time when it is inserted, and automatically cuts the fuel injection and engine whenever the key is removed from the ignition. The registered key of your Toyota Hilux Thailand contains an electronic chip, supported with an electronic code that is transmitted to the car when the key is turned in the ignition.

This system in your car is automatic, and it will only permit you to start the engine when the code in the chip corresponds to the vehicle’s registered code.

Do you think this safe and secure automatic system of your Toyota champ Thailand allow someone else try to start the Hilux Vigo Thailand with an unregistered key, the system automatically blocks an ignition signal and a fuel injector control signal so the engine can’t start.

This safe and sound mechanism is another innovation of Toyota which is the one reason of high demand of Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand, as it ensure you the safety with the highly safe and secure mechanism.

Vigo Champ Smart Cab

Auto on/off lighting

Effective headlights are essential when you’re driving home late from work. The pick up Thailand has the powerful low beam headlamps that offer outstanding light penetration and forward visibility.

In Toyota Hilux Vigo 2014 Thailand, you don’t even need to adjust the lights manually. They can be set to Auto, through light sensors.

Light sensors automatically detect dim, in dull light conditions it switch the headlights on and when the light conditions get better, the auto headlight system switches the lights off.

The new automatic light on/off technology introduced in Vigo 2014 Thailand allow driver to travel in night with ease, without adjusting the light condition, the Thailand Toyota Hilux light sensors are smart enough to do it for you so you will never feel hectic on long routes during night and make it your night travelling safe.

2014 toyota hilux Auto On and off Headlights


Toyota with these outstanding innovation and secure mechanism let you to get new experience of driving. These innovations, car design, luxurious interior and exterior are the few reasons of high demand of this car.