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All New Ford Ranger 2016

The Model of Ford Ranger is being manufactured in Bangkok under its single platform strategy which is being offered according to users category regular – super and double. Providing 4×4 & 4×2 versions. The first one is For Duratorg TDC1 2.2 – litres with 375 Mm of torque which can generate 110KW power. 2nd engine 3.2 litre with 470 Nm of Torque having a production power capability at 201hp, and 3rd engines 4 cylinder gasoline engine Ford Duratec 2.5 liters with 226 Nm Torque and out put 167 HP. bearing 4 cylinders – Transmission 6 speed Manual/Auto – Power 150 HP – 2.2L Diesel – 200 HP – 3.2L Diesel (Torque 375 Nm – 2.2L Diesel – Torque 470Nm – 2.8L)

This safety pick-up derived its design concept from the Ford F-150 and shares the quality and technology advances inherent in the F-SERIES, the pick-up that achieved highest global sales. The Launch of Ford Ranger has emerged as “the first safety pick-up truck in Thailand”, having a stunning effect. It has won hearts of Thais with its solid construction, advanced safety system and the powerful performance of its diesel-turbo 12-valve engine.

It has its set ups varying 3 new engines – king and double super and by giving production regionally to serve the required stakeholders in better way serving the super-advanced safety pick-up that has won a place in the hearts of Thais. This 1-ton pick-up was specially designed for Thailand and produced by Auto Alliance Manufacture (Thailand) Limited. The new Ford Ranger developed for Thailand is built to the same standard of quality and safety as Ford is acclaimed for worldwide.

The Ranger is built at a completely new greenfield plant in Thailand, constructed and operated by the Ford/Mazda cooperative Auto Alliance. Thailand was chosen because it is the world’s second largest market for pick-ups (after the USA), with pick-ups accounting for over 60 per cent of all vehicle sales. Building to Ford’s global quality standards, this is a full facility plant including stamping, body welding, painting, final assembly and engine manufacture. Its products are sold as both Ford and Mazda models in over 100 countries worldwide. The planned annual capacity is 135,000 units.

Ranger is a totally new design with a new name. It is available with a choice of two wheelbases, two engines and three cab configurations. Its design draws extensively on Ford heritage for building tough pick-ups like the F-series, which is recognised throughout North America as rugged, durable and reliable. Of the 26 million F-Series sold since it was first launched 50 years ago, eight million are still in use. Ranger also echoes some of the F-series distinctive styling cues, such as a bold ‘egg-crate’ grille, thick grille frame and flush-style front headlamps.