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Chevrolet Colorado 2016

Since we have a debut of exporting such a newly launched scintillating 2016 Chevrolet Colorado, whose version is officially in midsize pickup truck in Thailand. Its gives a look of a body-on-frame truck which is widely available bearing 2 Duramax turbo-diesel engines and a selection of 5 speed manual transmission or 6 speed automatic drives. The 2.5 ltr Inline 4 engine here generates peak power of 150 bhp and 258 lbs-feet of maximum torque, while the 2.8 ltr 4 cylinder engine churns 180 bhp of maximum power and 346 pound-feet of maximal torque. The truck could be had with four- or rear-wheel drive.

Its engines has empowered 2016 Chevrolet Colorado to generate more production in coming years which is being delivered a broader torque curve for enduring fuel-efficient having incredible durability while designing keeping in mind the viable components used to last for around 148,000 mi. It is a diesel operating having the unique capacity to fuel emission guidelines devoid of using a diesel particulate filter, which helps in keeping the cost for engine, low. The significance of its engines having a strong and purposeful to meet its true diesel operating while having 2.5L and 2.8L Diesel, 4×4 and 4×2, 5 speed manual and auto transmission with 150HP, torque ( 350Nm – 2.5L) and 47-Mn – 2.8L) Diesel.

As far as its appearance and style truly signifies a practical looks like the previous versions of Colorado concept trucks which it has rolled out in the past few months. The circular front of the truck is subjugated by its typical black-enmesh grille, cut by the bowtie logo and a body-colour bar, it is a high-end model with LED taillights, which has been outfitted for the first time in any Chevrolet pickup truck. Besides, it is addition to chrome dialects for the door handles and mirrors. The high cowl and the clout-dome hood of the truck are projected to make the Chevrolet Colorado “purposeful” and “strong.”

Its interior gives pretty much like any other Chevrolet model we’ve seen in the market, having its recognizablity with Ice Blue LED lighting for the instrument cluster and switches and stocky 3-spoke steering wheel. The auxiliary audio and USB inputs having factory fitted standardized here. The Regular king cab and double cab models of the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado flaunts 16 storage room in the cabin, while the extended and crew cab pickup trucks have 19 and 30 cubbies respectively. Also offering the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado in three different trim levels assign as LS, LTZ and LT, having 26 dissimilar configurations obtainable in Thailand. These aforementioned 26 variants comprise different ride heights, cab styles, four- or rear-wheel drive and wide- and narrow-body.