Total 4x4 Pick-Up

Vigo 2014 Thailand is the best choice to take out for the mystery trips, as it have the capability to ensure you maximum road grip, with high standard braking system allows you Anti locking brakes, outstanding car design ensure safe travelling. Due to all of its outstanding features Toyota Hilux Thailand 2014 has received top honor in the pickup category of the Total 4×4 awards.

With its go anywhere attitude Thailand Toyota Hilux was the first car to be driven to both South and Magnetic North Poles and has been tested in the world’s most extreme environments.

New Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand cabin is designed to absorb impact in the event of an collision. It comes complete with side door Anti-intrusion beams supported with the Head Impact Protection structure to help in absorbing impact of collision.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand offers ABS brakes and SRS airbags, which are standard across the range, to Crumple Zone innovation and Vehicle Stability Control. Toyota Hilux Thailand offers active and passive safety measures designed to ensure that it is the most reliable and safest car.

ABS brake technology allow you sure brakes even in the slippery road conditions, SRS air bag ensure you minimum injury after the collision, for Balance and stability EBD is used in Toyota Hilux Thailand 2013 it is great when there’s a heavy load in the back and a unexpected stop is required. Sensors recognize the load on the rear axle, and EBD takes into consideration the weight and applies more braking to the rear wheels. EBD is smart enough to judge if it’s just the driver in the Vigo 2014 Thailand, in this condition it applies more braking force to the front wheels and less to the rear. 

Some other interesting feature of pick up Thailand which make this car a first choice of Consumers are Roll bar, which provide strength to the Car body and ensure minimum loss at the time when car rolls down, Dekliner and Roof carrier in Toyota Hilux Vigo 2014 Thailand ensure you enough space to carry stuff with you which is used in your work place, or carry a stuff for your trips.

Alan Kidd, editor of Total 4×4 magazine, said: “Hilux has always stood out in what is a very fiercely fought category. It’s incredibly capable in every area and comes at a very appealing price.

Hilux Vigo Thailand is always the first choice of Customers because of its outstanding and eye catching exterior with luxurious interior, with the body strengthen equipment and structure, provide you all the safety precautions like SRS air bag.