Stopping a car in a rush on a slippery road can be very challenging. Anti-lock braking systems help you to keep your car in control on slippery surfaces; even professionals can’t stop as hurriedly without ABS as an average driver can with ABS.

Toyota multinational automobile manufacturer always moving forward in term of safety measures, Dual SRS air bag and Anti lock brake system is the proof for this, toyota vigo Thailand is the best adventure car, it allow you to drive Vigo Champ Smart Cab D4D 2.5L Enginein slippery roads, mountains with its better engine and give you economical fuel consumption, to deal with the situations when you need to stop your car in hurry toyota hilux 2014 thailand equipped with anti lock brakes system that allow the wheels to continue interacting tractively with the road while braking, prevent from lock up and avoid skidding. Thailand is the place located in Southeast Asia, having a great demand of this luxurious and challenging car, Mahdi motor a leading name in automobile industry offer toyota vigo 2013 thailand. To discover best toyota Thailand price visit Mahdi motors, deal in new and pre owned cars.


The theory behind anti-lock brake system of hilux Thailand is simple. A skidding wheel has less traction as comparedto non-skidding wheel. If you ever stuck on ice, you know that if your toyota hilux vigo thailand’s wheels are spinning you have no traction. The reason is that the contact patch is sliding relative to the ice.

Component of Vigo 2014 Thailand’s ABS system

Speed SensorsVigo Champ Smart Cab Interior 3

The anti-lock braking system in toyota hilux thailand get information when a wheel is about to lock up through speed  sensors .


Toyota vigo 2014 thailand consists of valve in the brake line of each brake controlled by the ABS. The valve has three positions.

In first position, pressure from the master cylinder is passed right through to the brake as the valve is open
In second position, the valve block that line, isolating that brake from the master cylinder.
In third position, the valve releases some of the pressure from the brake.

PumpVigo Champ Smart Cab Interior

Since when the valve is able to release the pressure from the brakes, there has to be some way to place that pressure back. That is the function of pump; when a valve reduces the pressure, the pump is there to get the pressure back up.


The controller is a basically a computer in the car. It watches the speed sensors and controlling the valves.

ABS Working in pick up Thailand

The purpose of controller present in toyota champ thailand is to monitor the speed sensors at all times. It is looking for de-accelerations in the wheel that are out of normal conditions. Right before wheel locks up, it will face a toyota_hilux vigorapid deceleration. The ABS controller knows that a rapid deceleration is not possible, it reduces the pressure to the brakes until or unless it sees acceleration, then it again increases the pressure until it sees the deceleration again. Hilux vigo Thailand ABS system does this quickly, before the tire can actually change speed. The result is that the tires slow down at the same rate as the vehicle, with the brakes keeping the tires very close to the point at which they will start to lock up. This gives the toyota hilux vigo 2013 thailand system maximum braking power.