An Airbag is a safety device used in vehicles. This occupant restraint system consisting of a flexible fabric envelope or cushion designed to inflate rapidly during vehicle collision. Its purpose is to provide protection to the bodies at the time of collision. Vigo 2014 Thailand consists of dual SRS Airbag, which ensure the safety of driver and the other persons.

Toyota Hilux Thailand comes up with different innovation to bring more ease in driving and more ways of safety, dual SRS Airbag is one of the safety precautions offered by Thailand Toyota Hilux, the purpose of this is very simple as at the time of collision normally the injuries are due to the collision of  driver with the interior of the car, SRS Airbag keep you safe from this, and ensure you the safe drive. To get this luxury car or to discover Toyota Hilux Thailand Price visit MahdiMotors, deals in used and new cars.

Airbag toyota hilux vigo

Purpose of Airbag

The basic purpose of SRS air bag in Pick up Thailand is to slow the passenger’s speed to zero.

Every moving object has momentum and the object will continue to move at its present speed and direction until the outside force acts on it. Stopping an object’s momentum requires force, at a time of collision the force required to stop an object is very great because the car’s momentum has changed instantly while the passengers are still moving with the same momentum. The goal of any restraint system is to provide help to stop the passenger while doing as little damage to him as possible.

Airbag used in the New Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand slows the passenger’s speed to zero with little or no damage. The Airbag has the space between the passenger and the dashboard or steering and a fraction of a second to work with, a single second delay can cause injurious.

vigo champ 2014


Air bag Mechanism

The SRS dual Airbag used in Toyota Champ Thailand have a proper mechanism to keep you safe. The goal of an Airbag available in Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand is to slow the passenger’s forward motion as fast as possible.

The Airbag is made up of a thin nylon fabric, folded into the steering and dashboard, this dual SRS Airbag used in Toyota Hilux Thailand open up with the sensors.

Inflation of these Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand Airbag happens when there is a collision force equal to running into a brick wall at 10 to 15 miles per hour. Hilux Thailand mechanical switch is flipped when there is a mass shift which ended an electrical contact, telling the sensors crash has occurred. The information received by sensors from an accelerometer built into a microchip.



Toyota a leading automobile manufacturer worth their customers lives, that is the reason the whole body of Toyota Vigo 2013 Thailand is revolving around the strong structure with more innovative safety measures. To enjoy the ride of your dream car in best and much affordable Toyota Thailand Price visit MahdiMotors, a well reputed name in automobile industry having well trained and polite staff deal in new and pre-owned automobiles.