Easy driving

After a hectic day at work, the long drive to home can prove a challenge. On long and straight highway, it’s all too easy for the car’s speed to creep up without the driver notice. But with Vigo 2014 thailand Cruise Control  System, an outstanding new innovation, just set a desired speed, and the Cruise Control System does all the work for you.


Less driving fatigue

Perfect for those continuous stretches of highway, Cruise Control in Thailand Toyota Hilux helps you to maintain a preferred speed without even throttle adjustments and frequently checking the speed. This will help to reduce driving fatigue and allow you stay focused on the road.

No matter you are going uphill or cruising down a long smooth stretch of open road, the Pick up Thailand cruise control system adjusts the throttle opening to maintain your chosen pace for as long time as you want, until or unless you touch the accelerator or brakes, which automatically over rides the system.

Adjusting a set speed up or down in your Hilux Vigo Thailand 2014 is a simple fingertip movement of the cruise control lever.


A/c control

Sometimes during your work it does not matter how the climate outside was, even in burning hot you have to go outside to complete your task. So it’s good to know that whenever you need to go out in all weathers you can go without any tension, Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ Thailand technologies make life and travelling more easier.  High standard air conditioning feature digital climate controls never let you feel that you are travelling in very high temperature.


Fingertip convenience

Steering wheel audio controls in Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand let you change radio stations, switch the audio mode or adjust volume without removing your hand from steering, to make your travelling more comfortable, Toyota Hilux Thailand  comes up with steering control functionality, so that you can adjust with your finger tips by using buttons available on your wheel steering.



Toyota leading and well reputed automobile company now become a brand, there is a major difference between the product and brand, the car is a product offered by lot of manufacturer and their manufacturer are called as a company, but due to high market demand and customer satisfaction level Toyota company now become a brand in the mind of people, this car is taken as the high level standard living because of its all new innovations, better car design more safe and secure mechanism with latest Braking System, Dual SRS Airbag, with TOP platform better car structure which give this car a better look and more strength so that the driver remain safe even the car rolls.

The outstanding interior and exterior is the one another reason of high popularity and demand of this legendary car, the storage apartment, with better engine performance help you to discover the new adventures pleasure with this car, travel with ease with 4×4 engine.

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