Toyota Motor is a Japanese automotive manufacturer consisted of 333,498 employees worldwide (2013). In January 2014, Toyota recognized as the fourteenth largest company in the globe by revenue. Toyota a leading automobile company founded by Kiichiro in 1937  is the world’s first automobile manufacturer to produce more than 10 million vehicles per year.

Toyota is considered as the best producer of luxury vehicles and commercial vehicles, In luxury vehicles Vigo 2014 Thailand is the first choice of customers.

Toyota HiLux

Toyota produces 9,909,440 units; having business in almost entire globe, Asia contributes 11% of total Toyota automobile sales. With the help of different dealers and showrooms Toyota is successfully selling their vehicles in this beautiful country.

Mahdi Motors Thailand exporters of new and old Diesel 4×4 cars, rims, parts, accessories , wheels, and tires.  With a wide range of vehicles, MahdiMotors offers market competitive rates. Toyata Hilux Vigo Thailand, Nissan Navara, Toyota Fortuner are few of top selling ones. With the best price and range of vehicle Mahdimotors also ensure the best services, with customer oriented policies, well trained and polite staff, who feel their honor to serve their worth full customers.


4×4 mechanism

Vigo 2014 Thailand is equipped with LSD, it is basically a mechanism that limits the differential at the time when one of the wheels begins to slip and generates an appropriate drive force in the other wheel to allow the vehicle to drive smoothly. Thailand Toyota Hilux is considered as the unique vehicle which equipped with most advanced switches, safety measures, advanced automatic transmission mechanism, with  dual airbagPick up Thailand allow you to travel on wet or ice covered road, hard pulling sand and drive with best efficiency on normal roads. To give you a clear idea about 4×4 vehicles let me describe the whole mechanism of  Toyota Hilux Vigo 2014 Thailand.



4×4 translates to a vehicle with 4 wheels powered by 4 wheels so, it is a AWD or 4WD. 4×2 refer to a vehicle with four wheels powered by two wheels and is the same as 2WD.

2 H – 2high

In this 2 high mode the Hilux Vigo Thailand front axle spins freely while full power is sent to the rear wheels. This is usually used for the plain roads and highway to give better fuel economy.

4 H – 4 high

In this 4 high mode Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand  front and rear axles spin at equivalent speed and power is distributed between the axels.

This 4 high mode gives your Toyota Hilux Thailand the awesome traction needed for the off road. It is essential to use the 4 high mode only on slippery surfaces like ice , snow and gravel or other rugged terrain.

Shifting into 4 high while driving is also possible but for the safe end you should keep a low speed and not engage it while the driveline is under strain.

4L – 4low

In 4 low mode your Toyota Hilux Vigo Thailand 4×4 is ready for extreme off-road situations, like heavy snow, rock crawling and sand. The lower differential gear ratio gives greatly increased power at the slow speed needed.