Vigo 2014 Thailand comes up with the (Global Outstanding Assessment) GOA structure that absorbs forces exerted at the time of a collision and disperses them throughout the entire body frame and minimize the risk of serious injury to the passengers inside the cabin.

Toyota always adopt new innovation which reduces the serious injuries, like Dual SRS Airbag, Anti Locking Brake System, Toyota Outstanding Performance Platform and much more.

Dual SRS Airbag

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Luxurious Toyota Hilux Thailand 2013

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hilux vigo interior

GOA- Safer Body Design

The basic mechanisim of this, it absorb the force of collision and spread it in entire body of Toyota Champ Thailand, this will reduce the collision force to some extent, and the Dual SRS Airbags are also available to avoid serious injuries.

The repression of cabin intrusion and assimilation of impact are significant  in reducing injury of occupants during a collision.
According to reports and data, the rate of injuries increases dramatically past a certain threshold of cabin intrusion.
Using a highly effective, impact-absorbing body structure supported with  a high-strength cabin, Toyota has designed Toyota Hilux Thailand a collision safety body to preserve residual space for passengers and reduce serious injury during a collision.

In order to reduce the impact on the driver and occupants during a collision, reduce cabin deformation, crumple zones at the rear and front of the vehicle absorb the impact with high efficiency. The cabin having a body structure that is strong enough and does not deform easily. To protect driver and occupants during side collisions, little crumple zone is available a high-strength body structure, including the floor cross member and the center pillar, absorbs the impact with decreased deformation.

 entire body of Toyota Champ Thailand

Safe Design for Pedestrain

The body structure of Toyota Hilux Thailand not only reduces the risk of serious injury of occupants, but also have safe design for pedestrian. In case if the car hits the pedestrian, the contact of pedestrian and car is from bumper, cowl, fenders and hood, these items having collision absorbing structure which reduces the chances of serious injury to some extent.

Toyota Hilux Thailand Safe Design for Pedestrian

The body structure of  Hilux Thailand is safe enough to avoid serious injuries, to buy this luxurious and safe car visit MahdiMotors and discover the best Toyota Hilux Thailand Price