Vigo 2014 Thailand Performance

Toyota hilux Thailand 2013 unbreakable reputation has been earned by a combination of structural integrity, Used Hilux Vigo 4x4 Double cabin Automatic 2010 Front Side Viewmechanical reliability and all-round durability.
Vigo 2014 Thailand also offers impressive performance along with outstanding handling and stability.

Even when heavily loaded or towing equipment, Thailand Toyota hilux are designed to deliver soft acceleration, including when overtaking at mid to high-speed.

Double Wishbone Suspension

Pick up Thailand’s Double Wishbone Suspension system combines with leaf spring and twin tube shock absorbers on the back to deliver excellent steering stability while carrying a load.

Limited Slip

Helps to optimize grip and limit rotation speed differences between wheels.

Car Safety

With its do anything go anywhere attitude, Toyota a leading automobile manufacturer constantly working to ensure Used Hilux Vigo 4x2 Single cabin Manual 2007 Front Interior ViewPick up Thailand remains unbreakable, no matter what gets thrown at it.  Toyota an automobile manufacturer and multinational Organisation do everything to ensure the car is equipped with exceptional levels of safety through both ‘active’ and ‘passive’ safety features.

Every Toyota hilux Vigo 2013 Thailand is tested against GOA abbreviation of Toyota’s Global Outstanding Assessment a passive safety assessment program. The Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand cabin is designed to absorb impact in the occurrence of an accident. It comes with complete side door Anti-intrusion beams and a Head Impact Protection Structure. At the front end of the frame, a cross member helping prevent smaller vehicle intrusion.

ABS Brakes

ABS an abbreviation of Anti skid Braking System , fitted in pick up Thailand to avoid skidding of a car even in slippery roads, this mechanism allow you to drive safe and avoid the locking of brakes which result in skidding.

Brake Assisthilux vigo 03

BA  abbreviation of Brake Assist  works with ABS which help in emergency stopping, it mechanism is simple as like its working, it help driver to keep control on the car when it is slippery road and you have to stop car suddenly, due to ABS and BA you never face tire slip issue

Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) redistributes brake force to keep stability and balance during unexpected braking. This braking system sense the weight on the car, and even sense which tire have more load, like if your car is loading with lot of load on back, the EBD sense more load on rear and at the time of sudden brake the rear brakes act differently.

Vehicle Stability Control

VSC comes in pick up Thailand helps give safer cornering by detecting and controlling under steer and over steer.

Traction Control

Toyota hilux vigo 2014
Toyota hilux vigo 2014

Toyota hilux Vigo 2013 Thailand comes up with TRC provide more grip on the road, by updated traction on difficult or varied surfaces.

SRS Airbags

Hilux Vigo Thailand comes with driver and front passenger dual SRS airbags, to ensure you the less serious injuries after an accident. The sensory materials automatically judge the situation and open up the air bag, so that the driver and occupants remain safe in accidents.

Crumple Zone

A Crumple Zone in new Toyota Vigo 2014 Thailand helps protect driver and passengers absorbing impact in a collision.