Every aspect of the vigo 2014 Thailand car design has been thought through, from the several body types and seating arrangements options and ergonomic design, cup holders, and all the storage space available in Toyota hilux Thailand 2014 you could need.

Storage compartmentsVigo Champ Smart Cab Interior

Thailand Toyota hilux is designed to carry loads with great storage options. You will find a moulded pocket on the front door in your pick up Thailand, with handy storage compartments in dash, in the back door pockets, under the back seats with an overhead storage compartment.

Cup holder

Pick up Thailand has a room for everyone’s drink, comes up with four cup holders and four bottle holders, the rear doors, centre console having cup and bottle holder so that t2014-toyota-hilux-interiorhe occupant enjoy their drinks, and for front passenger there are space available in front to place your cups and bottles.

Sitting comfort

Toyota hilux vigo 2014 Thailand front seats are separate so that the driver and passengers adjust their positions independently for maximum comfort and this will enable the driver to sit in his ideal position. The stylish slim-profile front seats provide more leg-room, supported with Hip-supporting cushion panels.

Ergonomic designHilux Vigo Storage Compartments

The steering wheel and instrument panel in Toyota champ Thailand are carefully positioned to ensure clear visibility, fingertip steering audio controls allow you to control your favourite music.

Privacy glass

Toyota vigo 2014 Thailand come fitted with privacy glass, to ensure no one takes a fancy to the goods stored inside, privacy glass helps prevent viewing into the interior of your Toyota hilux Thailand.

Privacy glass also acts as an important shield against harmful UV rays.

DurabilityToyota Vigo Hilux Champ 2014

Toyota has worked hard to earn its reputation. Its reliability, durability and performance are legendary. But with its phenomenal build quality, its firm reputation stems from the superiority and quality of its engineering. A wide selection of superior features ensures that every Toyota hilux thaliand is built to last.

Exterior and exterior

Circular fog lamps are placed below the headlamps and chrome grill is centered between headlamps in your Toyota hilux vigo Thailand. The back deck is for loading and unloading and can Used Hilux Vigo 4x4 Double cabin Automatic 2010 Front Side Viewcompensate large number of goods.  Roof carrier on the top is another option of getting the goods inside safely.

Advanced controlled switches and fingertip control in your hilux Thailand let you do multiple tasks. The steering has the controls; you can control the volume of your audio playback. Extensive multimedia options and many others in car entertainment capabilities make your long journey more pleasurable.

Seating capacity

New Toyota vigo 2014 Thailand offers great flexibility in seating. There is lot of cabin space available in your hilux vigo Used Hilux Vigo 4x4 Double cabin Automatic 2010 Rear Interior ViewThailand, with seating for up to 6 adults. With carefully researched and ergonomically designed, you also get more legroom and enough space between occupants.

Tray capacity

Toyota vigo 2014 Thailand needs to carry everything you require for a job, so it comes with large and carefully designed tray capacities. Because the Toyota manufacturer and engineers know that the vehicle weight limit can also be something you need to consider.