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The latest model of Toyota Hilux Single Cab was released which titled as Vigo Champ. The Thai manufactured Vigo Single Cab has been really popular all over the world. As Hilux Vigo is one of the best and most reliable pickup. However the latest model of 2015 Toyota Hilux single Cab has much improvements in styling, technology and equipment. Outside the Hilux Vigo Single Cab has a new face lift with new hood, front bumper, headlights, grilles, backlight and 15 inches wheels with new design of wheel caps.

The Toyota Hilux Vigo Single Cab Thailand is renowned to have been optimized to the full extent and thus it comes in a new engine turbo technology which is called VN Turbo. Upgraded features include 2 Din CD 1 MP3 WMA, Power Steering, Power Window, immobiliser. one more essential feature integrated in the vehicle is the 5 speed manual transmission. Engine capacity available in 2.5L diesel and 2.7L petrol. Manual gearbox available in 4×2 only. This makes Toyota Hilux Single Cab a reliable, reasonable and cost-effective car. The 2015 model is a significant improvement over the previous models.

Most Competitive Rates on Vigo Single Cab

The Toyota engineers have certainly worked hard and long for this model of Hilux Vigo Single Cab. In order to advance the stopping of the car the vehicle has some exclusive features where the rear axle and front shock absorbers, front brake discs are ventilated with a larger diameter. At Mahdi Motors Thailand we offer the best selling pickups in the world because Toyota Hilux Vigo Single Cab are able to satisfy the needs of people who are in need of this type of pickup truck.

We provide the most competitive prices including secured shipping all over African Regions, Caribbean and Asian Regions in order to export the vehicle to you safely. Mahdi Motors Thailand has been exporting the Toyota Hilux Vigo Single Cab Thailand manufactured all around the world. So with the latest improvements and advanced features Hilux Vigo Single Cab has certainly become even more desirable. We can also provide you a customized vehicle installing accessories according to your requirements. Providing a vast range of variety in interior and exterior accessories to personalize your pickup.

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